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  • Interview with Neil Rollinson - ever wondered where Neil gets his inspiration from? Or how he keeps his writing away from cliche? You'll find your answers in our interview with Neil Rollinson.

Here is a brand new, fantastic piece of erotica from Neil Rollinson. See how the sounds and smells really make you feel like you are there in those stables and look at the sensual way in which the horse is described, especially with the amazing simile in the last two lines. Who knew horses could be so sexy?




She walks among the horses in the stable
looking for her stallion, he's back
from stud, and the air is thick with the smell
of semen. She can recognize his scent,
the musk of his sweat and breath.
He stands in the cold air, steaming, lifts 
his long head to sniff the air. He can hear
her steps, her thin voice calling.
Where have you been my lovely?
She strokes his flank, the sweaty haunch.
His belly is hot, she feels the sea
of his viscera, the pump of his heart. 
He's easily roused after the mare,
his penis unfolds, thick as a man's arm.
She licks her palm and holds him
firm in her fist, she can feel the slick
of oils from the female. You naughty boy.
His balls are swollen, plump and sore.
He whinnies, kicks a hoof on the concrete.
Tonight her boys will lower him down
in the harness; she will hear the straps creak, 
the scaffolding groan, she will feel him buck,
and his eyes will shine, like watery planets
in the black cosmos.

By Neil Rollinson

Here is another wonderful erotic poem written by the amazing poet Alicia Stubbersfield.


Their Secret

It was just an experiment
after a bottle of wine.
Characters did it all the time
in children’s books.

He took her wrist and turned it
touched the X of veins
before slicing very slowly
with a brand new razor blade.

She held her breath
felt the sting, everything
focused into that one place:
the relief of blood starting.

When she undid his watch,
she licked away the sweat
cut through his skin
until a tiny lip opened.

They lay together, his weight
on her, their wrists almost tied
edge penetrating open edge,
time narrowed to their own beat.

They email through Friends Reunited
meet in a pub where no-one knows them.
her blood pulsating through his heart
is thickening in her arteries.

by Alicia Stubbersfield

Take a look at their poems and notice the differences in style and tone - is this because of gender? That will be our next 'Big Debate'.



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